New Freeroam Stunt

Information Server

Welcome to New Freeroam Stunt, we're a San Andreas Multiplayer community. We always try to provide as much fun for those who are experienced stunters or are new to the stunting world! New Freeroam Stunt mainly focuses on the freeroam aspects but we do have other modes offer such as, Cops and Robbers, Destruction Derbys, Heaps of Races & Tons of Deathmatches for your entertainment. We also have an experienced staff team which can be viewed here or in game using /admins. Who attempt to make your play time enjoyable without the likes of people being in the way, mainly hackers. If you want to see it for youself, download the latest SA-MP client here and register your account today!



Server Features:

● Gang System - You can create your own gang, invite your friends, have some gang wars against your enemies, defend your zones
● Race System - You can have competition with others, the fastest racer's record is always saved!

● Derby Minigame - Players vote for the map, the map with the most votes starts, players try to knock out each other, the last man standing wins!
● Shooter Minigame - Players vote for a map, the map with most vote starts, players try to destroy others' vehicles by missiles, last man standing wins!
● Fallout Minigame - Players keep running around a few objects trying their best not to fall, the last men standing after the fallout time ends, wins!
● Team Deathmatch - Players vote for a map, the map with the most votes starts, players kill each other, the team with the most kills wins
● Deathmatch - We have alot of Deathmatches, you can join your favorite deathmatch and kill others!
● House System - Over all San Andreas map, you will find houses that you can buy. There are tons of houses' customizations that allows every player to find his interiors according to his taste!
● Enterprise System - Over all San Andreas map, there are enterprises which you can buy and upgrade to earn your payday!
● Stunts - If you want to have fun with your bike, car or even plane, there are plenty of maps just designed for this!
● Freeroam - If you are not interested in gangs or you just want to have fun with some pals, this is the place where you can hangout!
● Website - We also have a clean website where you can view our staff/news/bans/top players/donate made by Kaperstone!
● VIP System - We have some amazing additional features for our VIPs, our vip price is also cheap, 15 EUR for a lifetime VIP!

We don't want to spill all the fun, so we will look forward seeing you in-game enjoying the features you will discover as you play in no time!

SA-MP Server IP:

TeamSpeak: coming-soon

Join us on IRC: #New-Freeroam-Stunt on