On Monday 25th June 2017 will no longer be available vip free
It is hoped that vip players want to donate or by way of buying through /cshop

Welcome to New Freeroam Stunt!

We're a San Andreas Multiplayer community. We always try to provide as much fun for those who are experienced stunters or are new to the stunting world! New Freeroam Stunt mainly focuses on the freeroam aspects but we do have other modes offer such as, Cops and Robbers, Destruction Derbys, Heaps of Races & Tons of Deathmatches for your entertainment. We also have an experienced staff team which can be viewed here or in game using /admins. Who attempt to make your play time enjoyable without the likes of people being in the way, mainly hackers. If you want to see it for youself, download the latest SA-MP client here and register your account today!